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Episode #192 – The Money is Already Printed – You Just Have to Go Get It!

audio blog collect customer information Content mail email and phone customers marketing money is already printed just go get it Sales small business owner advice small business tip social markeitng Social marketing stay in contact with customers Success tips Two Minute Commute two minute comute

Best news ever!  Money is already printed… you just have to go get it!  You don’t have to create it, you don’t have to wait for it to dry… you just have to pick it up. How easy is that?!! This is the whole idea...

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Episode #191

audio blog Business owner motivation create your customers Customers marketing Sales social marketing for small business Success tips success tips for small business target customers Two Minute Commute

You can learn to create customers that create customers.  It starts by recognizing your ideal customer. The way to determine your ideal customer is to think of your ultimate customer, right now!  Who is this person… now this is a very important exercise to complete. ...

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Episode #189 – What Are You Talking About?

audio blog Blog content blog content topics Content content and consistency how to figure out what to write about marketing small business blog small business owner advice Success tips Two Minute Commute

What do you want to talk about?  What do your followers want to hear about?  Two different takes on the same topic… topics! When you’re developing our content the best advice is to just start writing (or talking or videoing) but to get to the...

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Week in Review – Episodes #183 – #187

audio blog Blog content Business owner motivation infinity marketing machine marketing small business owner advice social marketing for small buisness subject matter expert Success tips Two Minute Commute week in review

In case you missed an Episode… here’s a link to Episodes 183 – 187 of The Two Minute Commute on You can also access it on my Free App: Thanks for being here!!! Would you do me a favor and join my “week...

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Episode #187 – Start Your Own Infinity Marketing Machine Today.

audio blog email marketing grow your own traffic infinty marketing machine marketing small business owner tip small business social marketing Social marketing Success tips Two Minute Commute

Why do you need an Infinity Marketing Machine? Because the ability to control your marketing future depends on it.  Marketing is not free.  It won’t be.  I’m not sure why some business owners have the thought that if they just post things online that they’ll...

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