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Episode #186 – Capture Customer Information Now, You’ll Be Glad You Did Later!

audio blog Customers find new customers infinity customer marketing one and done customer Real world Success tips traditional adverstiing vs infinity marketing machine Two Minute Commute

Do you operate as a one and done business or an infinity customer business?  The traditional advertising model has pushed business to advertise “blanket” style.  We created an ad and placed in a general publication and we waited.  We waited for customers to show up....

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Episode #175 – You Don’t Have to Spend 3 Hours a Day on Social Media Marketing to Achieve Success

audio blog Business owner motivation goals how to do social media right how to make a social marketing work for small business marketing Planning Real world small business owner success Social marketing social marketing for busy small business Success tips Two Minute Commute

Achieve Success by defining what you really want out of your Social Media Marketing campaign.

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Episode #169 – I Love Goals, It’s the Execution I Hate.

audio blog Business owner motivation execution of goal get motivated goal setting and breaking down keep going marketing Real world small business owner advice small business tip Success tips Two Minute Commute

I have lost hundreds of pounds… on paper.  HAHA!  The funny thing is I’ve never gained weight on paper, that seems to happen the natural way.  Exercising, such as running or yoga class, is much easier on paper than it is in the real world. ...

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Episode #133 – I Wrote A Post About Emoji’s? Yikes.

audio blog Blog content Creative marketing Real world small business marketing small business owner advice small business tip Social marketing social media markeing idea Two Minute Commute world emoji day

Happy World Emoji Day! Today I was inspired by an email.  Yes… an email.  I opened my email and found a promotion for World Emoji Day.  It was not from the “National Day of” calendar, it was not from the manufacturer of emoji’s, it was...

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Episode #131 – There’s a Point Where You Have to Run! Go Drink the Vegetable Stuff.

attend conferences audio blog Business owner motivation Customers how do I get positive reviews online icon implementing new ideas marketing positive review Real world small business motivation small business tip Social Media Marketing World Success tips Two Minute Commute

Are you ready?  In order to make a change you have to be willing to leave your comfort zone. So I’ll ask again, “Are you ready?” The reason we attend conferences and seminars is to make us feel good about “doing something”.  It’s the same...

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