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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 658 – How Being Relatable Boosts Credibility

1-Monday - Subject Matter Expert be relatable Business owner motivation Customers goals marketing Real world small business blog small business blogger small business owner advice Social proof subject matter expert Success tips Thought Leader - Social Proof Tribe Building why you need to earn crediblity

Quote: “I learned the value of hard work by working hard.” -Margaret Mead Monday: Subject Matter Expert   What is credibility? We need to be very concerned with it to build trust with our followers, but what is it? Credibility is anything that lends proof to your abilities. The most common type of “proof” is […]

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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 652 – What is the Most Amazing Part of the Technology Revolution?

1-Monday - Subject Matter Expert Business owner motivation expert secrets for beginners marketing My Story position yourself as a subject matter expert Real world share knowledge to reduce learning curve small busienss owner advice small business blogger subject matter expert Success tips Tribe Building

Quote:  “Experience is the name that everyone gives to their mistakes.” – Oscar Wilde Monday:  Subject Matter Expert   Learn by doing.  This is how we’ve done it for years. We go to school, learn, then at sometime we’re suppose to “do”.  We make mistakes… that’s when people say that we learn from mistakes and […]

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TribeogyBlog.com – Episode 634 – When a 5 Star Hotel Rates a Three!

1-Monday - Subject Matter Expert Content Customers earning credibility Loyalty marketing small business advice small business blogger small business marketing tips subject matter expert Success tips

Quote: “No amount of money can buy someone credibility” – DMclaughlin Monday: Subject Matter Expert   Becoming a Subject Matter Expert takes time and money.  BUT, money won’t buy your credibility. Think about that. It’s like taking photos of a hotel room at a 5 star hotel, putting them on your 3 star hotel’s website […]

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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 516 – Let Your Tribe Draw the Conclusion

1-Monday - Subject Matter Expert lead your tribe to the solution let your tribe draw the conclusion marketing small business blog small business blogger small business marketing tip Social proof subject matter expert Success tips they draw the conclusion

Quote “Be patient with yourself and others.” Monday: Subject Matter Expert You don’t have to know everything right from the start.  That’s a hard concept to grasp, especially if you’re used to working in your area of expertise day in and day out. But it’s OK. I’ve been mentioning that I’m taking 4 different seminar […]

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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 597 – Eat Problems for Breakfast

1-Monday - Subject Matter Expert big money Business owner motivation Customers eat problems for breakfast marketing Sales small business blogger small business marketing tips solve customers problems subject matter expert Success tips

Quote:  “Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.” – Alfred A. Montapert Monday: Subject Matter Expert   Are you hungry?  Get ready to eat some problems! YUMMMMM These are good problems we get to eat! Nope, they’re not the “good” problems of being too busy or having too much money to spend, they’re the problems […]

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