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1-Monday – Subject Matter Expert – Profit Center Coach — award marketing

TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #799 – And the Winner Is…

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Quote: “Don’t stop until you’re proud.” Monday: Credibility So this is what I’m talking about! As we’re learning the basic foundation of the Infinity Marketing Machine — step one is character/credibility.  Look at this photo and ask yourself, “Where is a good place to get Sunday Brunch?” When you compete for local awards… even the […]

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Episode #260 – Why You Want to Find an Award and Set Out To Achieve It.

1-Monday - Subject Matter Expert award marketing Blog content Business owner motivation Content goals marketing set a goat to acheieve an award Small Business owner motivation small business owner tip Social proof subject matter expert Success tips Two Minute Commute win an award for credability

“Character is not a thing of chance, but it is the result of continued effort” Charles Handel This is a great inspiration!  You must continue the effort to support positive character, every day!  That is the message behind creating your Subject Matter Expertise.  Create your plan and stick to it. This plan should involve honors […]

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